DC Accepted Papers

The scheduling of the Doctoral Consortium presentations is available: Session 1, Session 2
The camera ready version of each paper will be asked by mail a week after the end of the conference.

  1. Discover the Silver Lining Effect: Machine Learning Techniques for Learning User’s Attitudes over Time on Social media
    Matteo Amadei

  2. Incremental Mining of Predictive Process Models based on Declarative Formalism
    Sergio Angelastro

  3. Knowledge Graphs Embeddings to Support Knowledge Exploration
    Federico Bianchi

  4. Towards Compilation-Based Grounding of Answer Set Programming
    Bernardo Cuteri

  5. Can’t I get no Satisfaction? Optimizing Workers’ Satisfaction in Small Organizations
    Riccardo de Benedictis

  6. Optimization and online decision making approaches to handle uncertainty in the energy sector
    Allegra de Filippo

  7. Tools and Techniques for Easing the Application of Answer Set Programming
    Davide Fuscà

  8. Temporal Pattern Mining from Evolving Networks
    Angelo Impedovo

  9. Geometric and semantic aspects for the document layout analysis
    Cinzia Marte

  10. VP-Explore: Verbal Phrase semantically explained
    Enrico Mensa

  11. Investigating a Plausible Reasoning Approach for Performing Semantics-based Health Data Analytics
    Hossein Mohammadhassanzadeh

  12. On Demonstrating the Impact of Defeasible Reasoning via a multi-layer Arguemnt-based Framework
    Lucas Rizzo

  13. A framework for multi-level semantic trace abstraction
    Manuel Striani

  14. Empowering Conversational Agents with Situated Natural Language Communication Skills by Exploiting Deep Reinforcement Learning techniques
    Alessandro Suglia

  15. An accountability-driven organization programming technique
    Stefano Tedeschi

  16. Design and Implementation of the I-DLV Grounder: Optimizations, Customizability and Interoperability
    Jessica Zangari